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Jamey Codding & Windowsill Photography

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I still get nervous before every shoot. Weddings, family portraits, engagements — it doesn’t matter. The closer the day gets, the more anxious I become.

When I started Windowsill Photography in 2011, this seemed only natural. I was new to the business and had so much to learn, so of course I’d be nervous before a session. But as the years ticked past and the number of clients I worked with began stacking up, I became concerned about my anxiety. You’d think I would have conquered that by now.

I’ve recently realized that I likely won’t ever conquer these pre-shoot jitters, nor do I think I want to. I don’t take my responsibilities as your photographer lightly. Whether I’m taking pictures of you and your wonderful family on a crisp fall evening or spending your wedding day capturing all the memories you don’t ever want to forget, I consider it a privilege to work with each one of my clients. And no matter the type of shoot, the setting or whatever other circumstances may arise, my goals are the same: to connect with you in a genuine, tangible way so that everyone is comfortable and relaxed, and your final gallery — whether that’s 40 pictures or 400 — is filled with memorable photos of simple, beautiful and authentic moments in your life that help tell the story of who you are, where you’ve been and maybe even where you’re going. Considering the weight of those expectations, it’s no wonder I’m nervous before every shoot!

As for my own story, I first fell in love with photography shortly after my daughter was born. As a new father, I found it fascinating watching her explore the world around her, even if that was mostly limited to our little apartment in North Royalton, OH. I began following her with a camera as she crawled from room to room looking for anything new to discover. One day, she made her way toward a patch of light that one of our bedroom windows had splashed across the floor and pulled herself up into a seated position. With her body mostly hidden in the shadows, she slowly leaned forward, arm outstretched, trying to grab hold of this ray of sunshine that had caught her attention. As she leaned, the light gently moved across her face, her eyes intent as she looked down at the illuminated carpet.

Click. I was hooked.

That picture, which you’ll see below along with many other personal favorites, kindled my love of photography. It showed me just how powerful a photograph could be, and how beautiful even the simplest setting can look with the right light and a bit of good timing. I’ve taken a bunch of pictures since then — of my daughter, my two sons, my wife, loads of other people and all sorts of inanimate objects — but to this day, some of my favorite photos have been snapped using soft, natural light spilling in from a nearby window. It’s gentle and unobtrusive, subtle and forgiving. It reminds me of the kind of photographer I want to be, and the kinds of photographs I strive to take each and every time I grab my camera.

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